Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery

The Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery has been an integral part of the V.S.Dental College since its inception in 1986. Since then our Dept. has metamorphosized through time adapting to newer technologies and innovations thus providing state of the art treatment to patients.

Today our Dept. is a landmark in the field of oral surgery care being provided in the city of Bangalore, which can be ascertained by the number and variety of patients being treated by the Dept. Ever since, our dept. has delivered with contemporary expertise, education and clinical practice, thus ensuring complete patient satisfaction.

We have distinguished record in treating various types of Cancer cases including cysts, tumors and infections of Maxillofacial region. The Dept. being also associated with KIMS Casualty is responsible for providing the Primary Care for all the maxillofacial trauma patients. Our staff includes a dedicated team of surgeons who excel in the treatment of Midfacial and Mandibular trauma. The dept. boasts of daily OP of 30-40 patients for whom minor surgical procedures are performed by under/post graduate students under the guidance of the staff.

The UG’s are made to undergo robust training program during the course of which they acquire the basic skills of extraction and get the glimpse of the world they will explore if they take up oral surgery for their post graduation.

Our PG program is a rigorous one in which our PGs attain varied skills starting from simple extraction to assisting in complex surgical procedure in the operation theater. The PG’s are also trained in Dept. of Gen. Medicine, Gen. Surgery, Emergency, ENT and Plastic Surgery.

Considering the amount of good service, we were among the first few colleges who were permitted to start the PG diploma course by the DCI.

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Our department is staffed with qualified professionals including:


SI no Name Designation
1 Dr Madan Nanjappa Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Rajkumar G. C Professor
3 Dr. Keerthi R. Professor
4 Dr. Ashwin D.P. Reader
5 Dr. A.L.Gopinath Reader
6 Dr. Reyazulla.M.A. Reader
7 Dr. Rudresh K.B. Reader
8 Dr Prashanth R. Senior Lecturer